Loopseque 8
Wheel-based performer for rhythm
In honor of Loopseque's first release
8th anniversary celebration, let us introduce a special 8-channel version. Loopseque 8
Mix projects in a DJ way
  • 2 decks allow you to play 2 projects at once.
  • Crossfade between decks.
  • One engine is one tempo — all projects are always in sync.
  • Synchronize Loopseque 8 with Ableton live or any other device that support Ableton link protocol.
  • One deck mode. More control on the same screen.
Round sequencer is back
New and so long-requested features:

  • Rotation rate for each pattern.
  • Beat Slicer for each pattern.
  • Modulation, Velocity and Panorama for each step.
  • Change pitch for each step.
  • Independent Swing for each deck.
New Sample Editor
Now for each circle with a sample:

  • Envelopes of volume and filter.
  • 8 parameters for modulation.
  • Filter LP/HP/BP.
  • Bit crusher.
  • Pitch, Volume and Sample length.
  • Copy/Paste samples from other iOS app or from track to track.
Reworked Effects
  • Beat repeater with variable sample rate convertion during playback.
  • 2 types of Delay with filter.
  • Filter LP/HP/BP and LFO.
  • Reverb with filter.
  • 8-channel EQ.
  • Compressor.
  • Limiter.
      • Play different styles projects created by professional artists: every next season 8's project library will be replenished with new releases.
      • Design your own projects adding cover art, names and share it with friends or with us.
      • Record your live sessions performance or open in your DAW later.

      Sample browser
      • Use built-in author's design sample banks.
      • More than 400 samples of bass, percussion, effects, chords, processed base drums and synths. The library was created on vintage synthesizers and drum machines.
      • Upload your samples via iTunes file sharing.

      At home or studio
      In live gigs
      On the move
      With other gears
      With other iOS apps
      • 32 bars cycle length.
      • 32 steps pattern length.
      • 16 patterns on each track.
      • 32 tracks - 16 per Deck.
      • 8 channels - 4 per Deck.
      • Swing for each decks.
      • Rotation rate from x3 to :16.
      • Velocity.
      • Panorama.
      • Modulation.
      • Bit Slicer for each pattern.
      • Rotantion rate for each
      • AudioBus support - master
        and deck A/B outs.
      • Ableton Link support.
      • Pitch +/- 12 semitones.
      • Volume up to +12dB.
      • Sample length.
      • Sample reverse.
      • Sample bit crusher.
      • Sample volume envelope ADSR.
      • Filter - LP, HP, BP.
      • Filter envelope ADSR.
      • Modulation section one:
        • Sample start and end.
        • Sample volume
          envelope attack and
      • Modulation section two:
        • Cutoff / Resonance.
        • Filter envelope attack
          and decay.
      Sample editor
      For each of 8 channels:
      • Beat Repeater - Forward/ Reverse, Filter, Quantize, Playback rate, Repeat time.
      • Delay - Stereo and Ping- Pong, Filter, Delay time.
      • Filter - LP, HP, BP, LFO, Bit Crusher.
      • Reverb - Room size, Filter, Hold, Dump, Width.
      Master bus effects:
      • 8-channel EQ.
      • Compressor.
      • Limiter.

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      Loopseque 8 is a logical evolution of the wheel-based sequencers idea.
      Thanks to the modern iPad capabilities, we were able to implement much more effects, more audio channels, improved graphics and many other features, the chief among which is the ability to mix projects like they do it with tracks in DJ's music apps.

      New abilities to influence on composition progress opens up unlimited potential for improvisation while mixing tracks.

      Loopseque 8 is back with rounded beat machine, percussion drum sequencer, the ability to change samples, patterns on the run, use effects, filters, etc to easily create musical atmosphere that you like.

      You can record sessions, use audio / copy paste or AudioBus to work with created audio material outside Loopseque 8 application.
      Create simple.
      Play instant. Improvise easy.
      Loopseque 8
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