Another step in the evolution of music interface

Despite the fact that the development of forms of ostinato rhythmic patterns associated with the device of modern interfaces (drum machines, synthesizers, and samplers), cyclical construction of musical thought was close to human consciousness at all times.


Shamanic rituals

Since ancient shamanic rituals, regular rhythmic repetition leads listeners into a state of near-trance, opens up new levels of perception, creates a special mood condition.


Nowadays, ostinato rhythmic sequences are the basis of many musical styles: house, techno, trance, hiphop, breakbeat, and many others.



Loop in Loopseque

Loop in Loopseque looks exactly the way it is: a round. The cursor does not jump at the end of each bar, returning to the starting point. Visual picture of the cycle is not interrupted.

Playing Loopseque is as simple as to put the plate, but playing something really interesting requires some skills, as well as in the case of DJing. Therefore, despite its apparent simplicity, Loopseque is a challenge for the musician. How fast can he change the patterns, which patterns he creates, as well as what effects he uses. This determines the quality of the musical material.