Loopseque interface’s basement is a circle

In the modern musical paradigm, cyclical melodic movement, repetitions of rhythmic patterns are the basis of musical construction.

Loopseque interface’s basement is a circle, which is ideal form for visualization essence of music creation process – cyclic motion inside musical structure.


Circular interface solutions

Thanks to the circular interface solutions, Loopseque demonstrates musical pattern’s cycling, at intuitive level helps to understand the essence of process – endless rotation.


Music begins with the first touch

Music begins with the first touch and within seconds of musical texture comes alive, begins to pulsate with variety of colors, and in your hands there’s not just a rhythm pattern, but a whole composition.


Simple, comfortable, logical system granting

Simple, comfortable, logical system grants casual musical arrangement solutions, and that allows you to create music incredibly easy and with grace. Playing Loopseque doesn’t require musical education or professional skills. An intuitive interface combined with mass inspiring sounds gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of music for everybody.