Loopseque Extra




Add life to your Live

Loopseque Extra is designed for high-skilled musicians. Ready for live performance, Loopseque Extra contains many advanced features and useful options.

Loopseque Extra is innovative system effects control, with all the complexity of sound routing settings hidden within the sound engine. That allows you to use the power of effects instantly and easily.




Prepare to be a bit more funky

Playing Loopseque is as simple as to put the plate, but playing something really interesting requires some skills, as well as in the case of DJing. Therefore, despite its apparent simplicity, Loopseque is a challenge for the musician. How fast can he change the patterns, which patterns he creates, as well as what effects he uses. This determines the quality of the musical material.

Loopseque is a game in which “Achievements” is the quality of musical material created by a musician on the fly, and “High Score” is the number of listeners who enjoy music of the artist.




Technical info

  • Sample Uploader
  • Sample Editor
  • Sample Browser
  • Loop Manager
  • Powerful Audio Copy/Paste
  • Per-Wheel Sample Setups
  • Featured Artists’s sample-sets
  • SoundCloud sharing
  • Project sharing
  • Charts
  • Special Sound FX Controls:
    Delay, Reverb, Cutoff and Repeater
  • Volume Control for each channel
  • Edit Wheel in background
  • Colorize Channels and Lens