All Loopseque Apps are created for easy and fast music creation. Round, intuitive user interface reflects the essence of the music structure, which is based on loops: infinite circling. Easy-to-use beat editing, pattern switching, sample loading and editing all make Loopseque a handy means for creating music on-the-fly, while special master class section allows anyone to learn the basics of creating electronic compositions.



Special features of different versions of Loopseque

Loopseque Lite

Loopseque Lite is a free iPad version. It demonstrates the concept and the feeling of the round music interface and includes all the basic functions of Big Wheel and Wheel Matrix modes. However, some important features are missing in the demo, including changing sample sets and saving user projects.

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Loopseque Basic

Loopseque Basic is an iPad app for the beginner musicians. All the interface elements are designed with focus on simplicity and usability for novices who want to start making music here and now, without any special trainings. Loopseque Basic is a product for those who just love music, crave for it, but find other music interfaces too complex, with all that settings, buttons, switches and other nuances.

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Loopseque Mini is based on the same approach as Loopseque Basic, but is adopted for the small screens of the iPhone and iPod Touch. As you would expect, Loopseque Mini features beautiful high-quality graphics for the Retina Display.

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Loopseque Extra

Loopseque Extra is a new product of Casual Underground Lab, which is now on the closed beta testing phase. If you want to join our Beta Program, feel free to send a request to friends@loopseque.com.

Loopseque Extra is designed for high-skilled musicians. Ready for live-performance, Loopseque Extra contains many advanced features and useful options.

Loopseque Extra includes innovative system effects control, with all the complexity of sound routing settings hidden within the sound engine. That allow you to use the power of the effects instantly and easily. Loopseque Extra features Core MIDI support, Audio Copy/Paste and many other.

We plan to release Loopseque Extra in the end of September, together with major updates to other apps.