Last months we are working on the Loopseque MIDI support.
There we want to announce some features coming.

Thus Loopseque will have next MIDI functions soon:

  • Note Sends
  • Now 4 wheels with 4 tracks every turns to midi sequencer that may send every track to any MIDI-channel.
    Swithcing track to MIDI enables send settings and chord presets/settings.

  • Assignable Controls
  • Effects controls also may be assigned as XY-controls for any software or hardware supports MIDI In.

  • Sync
  • We’ll implement MIDI Sync feature to sync Loopseque with Loopseque or Loopseque with other devices or software.

So, you could connect Loopseque to computer to control your favourite DAW or use it as a sequencer for synthetizers, samplers or other stuff without desktop or notebook computer.

Note: You’ll need iRig or something else to make MIDI connection available.  

As always, feel free to throw us an idea about.

Beta testing will start soon!