Loopseque 8 Privacy policy
01. A user can load original compositions, loops, samples and artworks of only his Byline.

02. A user has the right to make remixes of original compositions, which have been loaded/made by a third person in the Loopseque ecosystem.

03. All author's rights of his original project, artwork, samples and loops remain his.

04. The ecosystem Loopseque guarantees maintenance of the author's name of the original work while doing public placement and making remixes only in the application.

05. A user must not use somebody's else art: artworks, tracks, loops, samples, fragments etc. in no case, except making remixes, published by other users in the ecosystem Loopseque and under following conditions.

06. A user can't use original projects of other users, remixes made by other users or his own remixes of other users' original projects and remixes without their agreement in commercial purposes.

07. If you are the right holder and have found breaches of use, contact us. We will take measures immediately.

08. The user whose content/action breaks the third person's rights gets a message that he has to stop his illegal actions immediately/delete the illegal content.

09. In case of an established fact of breaking the author's right the user loses the access to public projects and services of the ecosystem.

10. A user has to follow the intellectual rights of a third person and have respect to somebody else's intellectual property.

A user should understand that his projects can be used by other users as a basis of remixes. When a user places his track in the Loopseque ecosystem, he agrees to such a use.

A user should understand that when he places his project in public access, he makes them available to all existing and following applications, which are included in the Loopseque ecosystem: Basic, Extra. Mini and Lite.

A user should understand that the application Loopseque is only a means of composition exchange between users and that it is not responsible for cases of breaking the author's and related rights.

We remind you about civil, administrative and criminal responsibility for breaking the author's right and other intellectual sides, which is stipulated by national laws of the states, where Loopseque is used. Be reasonable, respect the property and the art of a third person, and you will be treated the same way.

The use of the Loopseque ecosystem is the automatic confirmation of all using conditions. It is the public offer.

Any changes can be done in the agreement version without notifications to users. The working agreement version can be found on Loopseque.com
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