wheel Big Wheel screen lets you create and edit beats.
wheel matrix Wheel Matrix screen is designed for fast switching between patterns and creating arrangements.
project settings Project screen lets you change the tempo and choose sample sets, presets and projects.
screen #1

Big Wheel

  1. Big Wheel serves to create music patterns by
    activating its different segments.
  2. Cursor is a line that moves around the wheel
    indicating which active segments are playing at the moment.
  3. Lens shows you active wheels and lets you switch
    between wheels.
  4. Buttons let you mute each of the four channels.
screen #2

Wheel Matrix

  1. Touch the Mode Button to switch between
    Wheel and Wheel Matrix.
  2. Wheel Matrix shows you all the wheels on all
    channels and lets you switch between them.
  3. Lens shows active wheels that
    are playing on all channels.
  4. Buttons let you mute each of four
screen #3


  1. Choose sample sets.
  2. Create and save a new project or load an
    existing one.
  3. Set, tap and sync the tempo.